Moving on...

I left NowPublic a few months ago for personal reasons and a lack of interest in the news.

I've moved on to Eighty Elements, a Vancouver based interactive media startup that specializes in integrating Flash, Flex, and Drupal. Blame Craq. I've been getting boucou time to work on Filefield, Derivative, and Transformer. Which has led to some supporting modules I've already released including Mime Detect, ImageAPI and the soon to be released VideoAPI and FFmpeg modules.

Contract Me...

I'm available for contract work. I work through The Spry Group, LLC. They contract me at 225/hr.

I am adept with PHP, Perl, C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I am very familiar with Drupal, Prism, and Node.JS.

I am a strong unix and windows administrator with a focus on security and performance tuning.

I have extensive practical devops experience covering home brew scripting, chef, puppet, and ansible.

I am an application architect familiar with desktop, web, mobile, and cloud based architectures.

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