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ImageScale.co Private Beta

Join the ImageScale.co Private Beta.

Around the beginning of the year I ran in to Benjamin Melançon of Agaric. We got to talking about ImageCache. In the course of the conversation Ben suggested that I build ImageCache as a service. I told him only if he helped. After a few discussions we decided to make the project a joint venture between Agaric and Spry Group.

What we ended up building was ImageScale, an image transforming CDN.

ImageField 2.0, ImageCache 2.0, ImageAPI 1.1

Install ImageAPI before upgrading to ImageCache 2.x!!

I'm finally comfortable enough with my Image* namespace to have official releases of the 2.x series of ImageField and ImageCache + ImageAPI...

I'd like to extend thanks to everyone who has filed issues and submitted patches, especially Drewish and Quicksketch.

Now that my 2.x's are out I can start on the 6.x ports. ImageAPI already has a working port in HEAD, but needs some bug fixes ported from 5.x-1.x. There is a patch for ImageCache pending in it's queue and it should be a trivial port.

Non-persistent variable_set for testing and hackery

Writing simpletests for imagecache_create_url and file_create_url today, I had to change a few of Drupal's persistent variables, namely clean_url and file_downloads. I was kind of frustrated by the need to save the old values, set the values I needed for the test case, run the test, then restore the old variables.

Microformats and Media... RFC if you like JS or CSS

I have a love hate relationship with microformats. The apostles who think they're the end all be all of the semantic web drive me insane. 'Semantic Web' aside, microformats are a powerful approache to reusable design. Consistent markup with the appropriate JS or CSS can make for great reusable UI widgets.

ImageAPI 1.0 - RC2 with ImageMagick support is out...

ImageMagick support has been a release blocker on this module for me. My attempts at using the Imagick extension failed, and I finally broke down and wrote the imageapi_imagemagick module, and it needs testing.

If you have a working imagecache 2.x installation or use imagecache 1.x with imagemagick I would appreciate some testing. I suggest using imagecache HEAD with the imageAPI 1.0 RC 2.

Aspiring Developers, GeoLocation Module wants you!

What is GeoLocation module?
For OSCMS, over a year ago, I wrote a module called geolocation as an example CCK field. It has languished in CVS for quite a while, I finally set up a project for it today, and I'm looking for a co-maintainer.

DrupalCampNYC 4 gives ImageCache 1.x some loving...

I had a great time at DrupalCampNYC....

I stuck myself in the Hack Shack, where I should probably keep myself as jaded as I've been lately. Ate me some tasty Bagels and got to help a few folks out... I even gave a presentation on workflow in Drupal 5 (Yes I occasionally show for my sessions.).

DrupalCampNYC 4 vs DrupalCon 2008

Hooray, we're about 2 weeks away from DrupalCampNYC 4.

I sorta had a good time at DrupalCon 2008. If it weren't for the overpriced convention center, marketing sermons slyly disguised as sessions, stale presentations that I've seen a few times now, and inflated attendant pricing, I would say it was awesome. I don't think I'll be attending another DrupalCon unless it's an excuse to expense a trip to Europe.

A Drupal MultiMedia Panel...

I seem to have gotten myself involved in a Drupal Multimedia Panel with Nate Huag, James Walkah, and Aaron Winborn. All of whom have contributed greatly to multimedia handling in Drupal.

Lighttpd + Drupal + Imagecache....

I have a client whose sysadmin is adamant about using Lighttpd as a webserver, whose site also uses imagecache.

There are some major differences in Lighttpd's rewrite system compared to Apache's rewrite system. The difference that is most important is the lack of the file exists check provided by the -f flag to apache's rewrite conditions.


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