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LaCie and The Biggests S2S nightmare....

So one of my clients wanted to get a relatively solid disk to disk backup system going for a production file share running on an Xserve G5 with OS X 10.3.9.

I recommended several raid products, amongst which were LaCie's new Biggest S2S Raid Array, Apple's X Serve Raid, and a couple consumer external FW drive models I like.

They chose the LaCie Biggest S2S. Its a pretty fair price for a 5 drive external raid array. It has a small foot print, and 1TB of storage in the Raid 1+0 configuration with a hotspare. I wish it supported Raid V though.. I'd like to squeeze a tiny bit more storage out of it and still get to keep the hot spare.


Looking for a new carrier neutral ColoFacility.

I've grown tired of my current colo provider. I need to find someplace new...
Any suggestions... I need a full cabinet 2 power drops and 10Mbps commit burstable to 100...


vhost filesystem and permissions.

apache atomic vhost permissions with php...

1771 root user
0771 root user
0771 root user
1777 root root
0755 root root (logs/stats/db's)

user :

user: user user,www-data

change group to and chmod g+ws folder that both the webapp
and users need access to.

Installing APC on Debian Sarge w/dotdeb's apache2 and and apache5

Until dotdeb gets the package done....
pecl install apc isn't smart enough to grab apxs2.

apt-get install php5-dev; # (phpize etc)
apt-get install apache2-dev; #(same reqs deal)

pecl download apc
tar -xvzf APC[tab]; # if you got a smat shell
cd APC[tab];
/usr/bin/phpize5 ;
./configure --enable-apc --enable-apc-mmap --with-apxs2 --with-php-config=/usr/bin/php-config
make; make install

default config.

Setting up Darwin Streaming Server on Ubuntu Breezy

Well you can't do it with the 4.0 compiler that ships with the distribution... Its too strict.

Solution, use the gcc-3.3 compiler, and some useful includes.

apt-get install gcc-3.3 g++-3.3 libc6-dev

update Buildit

In the section under linux.i586/i686 (assuming you're running on a pentium or better system)...

Thats all there is to it... Tell the DSS developers to get up to date :).

Yeah is alive...

Well got my new development server up and running... Well its not new, I've managed to update an old 1U from 500MHZ/64MB (it was a name server)->900MHZ/320MB... Its merrily been running along on Ubuntu Breezy since day 1.

There a three goals for this server..

1) Track development projects.

2) start developing's next generation hosting platform...
... Virtualization, Apache2, and the php5/mysql5 move....

3) Offer SCM/Project tracking support for small teams working on new media related software projects.

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