ImageField 2.0, ImageCache 2.0, ImageAPI 1.1

Install ImageAPI before upgrading to ImageCache 2.x!!

I'm finally comfortable enough with my Image* namespace to have official releases of the 2.x series of ImageField and ImageCache + ImageAPI...

I'd like to extend thanks to everyone who has filed issues and submitted patches, especially Drewish and Quicksketch.

Now that my 2.x's are out I can start on the 6.x ports. ImageAPI already has a working port in HEAD, but needs some bug fixes ported from 5.x-1.x. There is a patch for ImageCache pending in it's queue and it should be a trivial port.

DrupalCampNYC 4 gives ImageCache 1.x some loving...

I had a great time at DrupalCampNYC....

I stuck myself in the Hack Shack, where I should probably keep myself as jaded as I've been lately. Ate me some tasty Bagels and got to help a few folks out... I even gave a presentation on workflow in Drupal 5 (Yes I occasionally show for my sessions.).

Lighttpd + Drupal + Imagecache....

I have a client whose sysadmin is adamant about using Lighttpd as a webserver, whose site also uses imagecache.

There are some major differences in Lighttpd's rewrite system compared to Apache's rewrite system. The difference that is most important is the lack of the file exists check provided by the -f flag to apache's rewrite conditions.

Imagecache 2.x Beta

I've recently been working on imagecache 2.x... It's not the original update I planned with the full transformer conversion, but a major rewrite none the less. ImageCache 2.x is currently feature complete and ready for testing.



  • 'scale and crop' action.
  • private files support
  • improved error responses
  • strip secondary file_dirctory_path from URLS.
  • restructured code to improve re-usability.
  • Uses ImageAPI
  • hook_imagecache_action

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