y yo tambien.

Just how texas are you?

I scored a 100% on the "How Texas are you?" Quizie! What about you?


Closed bugs, good music, crazy dns, and pepper.

I had a fun day... Some how I managed to do the strange and unlock myself in the house... So while I was stuck at home unable to leave because I had no way to lock my door:

  • closed two more drupal bugs,
  • helped hunmonk by loaning him some slightly less fatigued ears,
  • cleaned up a few dns issues for tamas and,
  • updated my blog,
  • and drank 3 litres of dr. pepper.

Its been a good day.


Going monochromatic...

In my on going desire for the world to be shades of grey with one color I've started on my monochromatic theme for drupal... This my first shot at it... I need to do some CSS consolidation and use transparent images + background to clean it up for release...



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