Agile Project Management on GitHub

For some reason clients want to know when the projects will be complete so they can plan for their business. As a project manager I normally want to know if the team's performance is changing and how it's changing so I can better support the team and troubleshoot operational issues.

.NET Click Once Side by Side Deployment

An issue I run across quite often is side by side deploy of click once applications. I decided to open source one of the click once targets files I work with to help other developers and systems engineers clean up their .NET deployment pipelines.

Check it out ClickOnce.targets on GitHub... Fork it and help me improve it if you've got the time.

Good checking accounts for a start-ups.

One of the first things I did when establishing The Spry Group was choose a bank account. I didn't put a lot of thought into it. I chose TD Bank for their relatively low fees, long hours, and free ACH transfers. Unfortunately, TD bank no longer has free ACH, they don't integrate with my online accounting system Xero, and I have to trudge to the bank to make a deposit.

Also we're a startup, our cash flow is irregular. I'd rather not have to worry about a getting charge 20 bucks because I let out bank balance drop to low while waiting on a slow paying customer.

Why Drupal Contrib is Awesome!

Today, I started working on converting the Spry Group website to Drupal. The current site is a static site which we rather hurriedly tossed up while starting the business to at least have an online presence. We've been wanting to add some contact forms and blogs and update the content to reflect the direction our business has taken since we started the adventure. Private Beta

Join the Private Beta.

Around the beginning of the year I ran in to Benjamin Melançon of Agaric. We got to talking about ImageCache. In the course of the conversation Ben suggested that I build ImageCache as a service. I told him only if he helped. After a few discussions we decided to make the project a joint venture between Agaric and Spry Group.

What we ended up building was ImageScale, an image transforming CDN.

AWS OpsWorks, some room for improvement.

One of our clients was looking to move from RightScale to Chef. Their primary motivation was the difficulty of maintaining the RightScale scripts and the costs related to RightScale. AWS announced OpsWorks during the proposal process and the client was interested in taking a shot at OpsWorks.

Diving into Windows 8, It's easy to get your Desktop Back.

I've head a lot of FUD regarding Windows 8 and the Metro UI. It seems people are primarily frustrated by the removal of the old start menu and the promotion of the new MetroUI as the primary interface on the desktop.


Finally... Personal blog on D7

D7 Contibutors Cloud

At long last I've upgraded to D7. My old D5 site had been the victim of a lot of my module and core development. The biggest road bump in the entire process was moving all my old imagefield to the field api. The stock upgrade path was completely kaput.


Using URL Aliases/Paths for Language Detection in Drupal 7 and Multilingual UX.

I've recently taken a deep dive into multilingual site building. The site I'm working with is a simple brochure site, The site uses content translate, and the i18n module to help with menu and path translation.

The setup was fairly straight forward to get the node translation in place. When I picked up the work on the site there were a few issues with multilingual menus and path. The issue that we identified with the menus was different language detection rules for administration and content and was a quick fix.

WOW.... just how many websites have I impacted...

Looking at the statistics now available on I maintain 5 modules in the top 20 list and excluding my core contributions code I have written is deployed on almost 1/2 of all drupal sites participating in the statistics collection. Some how that makes me feel both good and bad... I wish I had a benefactor to let me work on my Drupal specific projects without having to focus on client specific implementations... *wink* *wink*


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